Executive Board

 Jaguar Spirit Inc. Executive Board Members 2016-2017


The executive Board of Officers shall be comprised of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice-President of Fundraising, Treasurer and Secretary. Board elections will be held at the April meeting following try-outs and governed by the Nominating Committee chaired by the 1st Vice President and appointed by the President. Members wishing to run for office should contact the Nominations Committee.  

No spouse may share a position or serve on the Executive Board together.

Jaguar Spirit Inc.                                                   Email:  jaguarspiritboosterclub@verizon.net                       

Kristen Belcher President Phone: 214 693-6339 Email: BelcherK@lisd.net
Michelle Morris 1st Vice President Phone: 214 282-9928 Email: mmorris@toledoticket.com
Shelly Mungiguerra 2nd Vice President  Phone: 214 914-1765 Email: ShellyMungi@gmail.com
Lori Polyak Secretary Phone: 972 896-3304 Email: polyak3600@gmail.com
Lynne Fleming Treasurer Phone: 214 470-2354 Email: LynneTFleming@verizon.net


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