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Fall Semester Cheerleader Information Sheet


Hey Cheerleaders and Families! 

Here is some basic information you will need to know to get you through the Fall Semester.


Class Clothes Schedule

  • Monday –                 Grey Texas Shirt/Black spanx
  • Tuesday –                Red FM Shirt/Black spanx
  • Wednesday –          Pink Shirt/Black spanx
  • Thursday –              Spirit Day Shirt (during football) and Green long sleeve Shirt (remainder of the year & on off week) w/Black spanx
  • Friday –                   Free Dress Friday (must be in workout clothes and cheer shoes)


Game Days

  • Check with your coach as to which uniform you will wear.
  • Whenever you are in uniform you will ALWAYS wear CHEER HAIR!
  • Varsity - ½ up ½ down with all bangs out of your face. 
  • JV - a low ponytail with all bangs out of your face. (Either poof or braid them)
  • Freshmen - a high ponytail with all bangs out of your face. (Either poof or braid them)


Spirit Days

  • All cheerleaders will wear their spirit day T-shirt on the Thursday before a spirit day.   
  • Every week during football season there will be a spirit day.  You are REQUIRED to fully dress up to the max for each spirit day.  This is NOT an option.  You must have at least 3 or more items that pertain to that spirit day.  If you fail to dress up you will be out of uniform and will receive demerits.  So start planning now.
  • If there is a pep rally on that Friday, all squads will need to bring their long sleeve uniform to school.


Spirit Days Are:

8/26 - Home vs. W.T. White Longhorns - Welcome to the Jungle (Animal Print)


9/2 - Home vs. Fossil Ridge- Red, White and Jags (USA)  PEP RALLY DAY


9/8 - Away vs. Timber Creek Wolves - Hunt Down the Jags (Camo) THIS IS A THURSDAY GAME!!!


9/16 - BYE


9/23 - Home vs. Southlake Carrol Dragons Defeat the Dragons (Superhero) PEP RALLY DAY


9/30- Away vs. Byron Nelson Bobcats Jags Are the Bobcat's Worst Nightmare (Pajamas)


10/7 - Homecoming vs. LD Bell (Wed. Night Community Pep Rally) - STUCO plans these days

10/14 - Away vs. Hebron Hawks - Make the Hawks Sweat (80's Workout Wear) 


10/21 - Home vs. Marcus

Mound Showdown Dress Up Days:

A Jag win is Music to Our Ears

Monday: Country




Friday-Mound Showdown (BLACK LIGHT PEP RALLY)

10/28 - Home vs. Euless Trinity Trojans (Pink Out) 


11/4 - Away vs. Lewisville Farmers-Sunburn the Farmers (Hawaiian/Tacky Tourist) 


Squad Practices

  • See calendars for all scheduled squad practices. 


Competition Squad Practices

  • UIL team practices will be scheduled at a later date.  There will be some Saturday practices to learn choreography and after football season Monday and Wednesday after school practices.  


Football Games

  • All squads will need to report to their game 45 minutes in advance to properly warm up all skills for the game.
  • The JV and Freshmen squad will stay after school until their game in the locker room.  This time will be used for homework/study hall.  Team mom will organize the delivery of food before each FB game.
  • The Varsity squad will have mandatory team dinners at various cheerleaders’ houses for the 5 home games.  For away games, Varsity may leave to get food.  We will not be stopping for dinner, so you must either bring it with you or eat before you board the bus.
  • Varsity will travel to and from the game together as a team on the bus.
  • Water/Snack Schedule – Freshmen and JV Team Moms will organize for each game to be covered with water and snacks.  Team Moms will handle the schedule of volunteers for this.  Varsity will bring their own snacks to their games.


Home Football Spirit Sales

  • Freshmen and JV cheerleaders will follow the below schedule for selling spirit items (tattoos, glow sticks, etc.).  They will sell the first half of the game and then will be free to leave.  If you choose to stay for the game, you MUST change out of your uniform (including your shoes and bow).
  • August 26th Game
    • Freshmen – Kenzie, Emma, Sophia, 
    • JV – Paige, Lauren, 
  • Sept. 2nd Game 
    • Freshmen – Liz, Ashley
    • JV – Braegh, Noelle
  • Sept. 23rd Game 
    • Freshmen – Morgan K., Lorynn, Morgan G
    • JV – Emily, Katie, Chloe
  • Oct. 7tGame 
    • Freshmen – Courtney, Katie T, Lauren M, 
    • JV – Taegen, Tristan
  • Oct. 21st  Game 
    • Freshmen – Tessa, Raquel, Megan
    • JV – Mckenna, Jessie, Belle
  • Oct. 28th Game
    • Freshmen – Rachel, Hope,
    • JV – Julia, Kaitlin, Katy


Volleyball Games

  • All squads will need to report to their game 10 minutes in advance.  (Meet in the arean/gym)
  • For these games we will split the teams into two groups:  A and B.  (See the list below)
    • Freshmen A - Liz, Courtney, Lauren, Katie T, Tessa, Megan, Ashely, Rachel
    • Freshmen B -  Kenzie, Sophia, Emma, Hope, Kerner, Lorynn, Raquel, Gothe
    • JV A - Paige, Kaitlin, Julia, Lauren, Jessie, Trsitan, Taegen, Belle
    • JV B - Katie, Emily, McKenna, Chloe, Braegh, Noelle, Katy Perry
    • Varsity A - Jenna, Morgan M, Haylee, Erin, Jordyn, Emma, Maddy, Macey, Rachel, Haleigh
    • Varsity B - Ellie, Olivia, Paige, Hannah, Alyssa, Caroline, Landri, Kaylie, Bailee, Morgan R.
  • These games CANNOT be switched.  If you miss your scheduled game, then you will be benched for the next event.  You may however use one of your freebies, but we MUST know a week prior to the event.


Friday Night Volleyball Games

  • When there is a Varsity football game at the same time as a Friday night volleyball game, the other two squads will cheer at those games.  Freshmen will cheer for JV and JV will cheer for Varsity.
  • If we have a home football game on the same night as a home volleyball game, after you are done cheering you are allowed to enter the football stadium for FREE in uniform.  Once you enter the stadium to watch the remainder of the game, you MUST change out of your uniform into street clothes.  Just make sure that you do this after you enter so that you will be allowed in free! 


 Homecoming Week

  • All squads will stay after school the Friday before Homecoming week to decorate our portion of the hallway.  We will start decorating during our class period (1:50 pm). Varsity will stay till 3:30 and then they will leave to get ready for their away game.  JV and Freshmen will stay until approximately 6 pm.  No one will be allowed to leave early as we will need all hands on deck.
  • See calendar for any additional practices that may be added that week.


Mound Showdown

  • See calendar for any additional practices or events that may be added that week.
  • The Saturday before Mound Showdown we will be working in shifts starting at 8:30 am to decorate the halls for the following week.  Bring money and we will order pizza.  Parents are more than welcome to come and help out.  We are going to invite other organizations to help as well. 




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